Teacher exchange Polytech University Hongkong

By: Eva Rasmussen Barr, Division of Physiotherapy

I was the lucky one to go on an Erasmus+ teacher exchange programme to Polytech University in Hongkong – the Poly U in March 2017. It was the first teacher exchange for me, working at the Division of Physiotherapy, Dept Neurobiology, Care sciences and Society at KI. I have a large interest in sports medicine and have headed a free standing course in sports medicine for 10 semesters at KI. Sports Medicine is the reason for this exchange. Professor Ella Yeung was my host at the Poly U and she also visited KI during May 2016.   My first encounter with my host Ella was at a rugby match. Rugby is a a “national” sport in HKG and Ella and her students at the master programme in Sports Medicine practice their skills on the rugby players. So my first experience of a rugby match ever was a really awason experience.  Rugby players play their game without any supports and there are a lot if injuries of different kinds. Of course there are a lot of concussions. Ella and her students are right now conducting a study on concussions using a survey.

In the Erasmus+ program the visiting teacher lecutre for at least 8 hours. I had two lectures and work shops at the master program in Sports Medicin. My lecture was on movements and movement control and prevention of injury. I had prepared the lectures well and had ppt slides. However, as the classes were in the evening and the students had worked all day they were really tired. I quickly decided to abondon my ppt and I did it all as a work shop with discussions and trial of both movement tests and exercises. The students were very  happy and I had a completely new  experience. For the other lecture the challenge was even bigger as not all students were fluent in the English language. It worked out good any way. These work shop/lectures were for about 4 hours without breaks. The students did not complain – I think I was the one who needed a break. 🙂

I had a really good time and Ella and I are still in contact. I will go to HKG again to with Ella start a study on observation of movement control of the rugby players.


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