Mangochi District Hospital

By: Karin Forslund, International Student Coordinator, Education Support Office

During our visit to Blantyre, we were also able to visit Mangochi District Hospital.
Mangochi District Hospital
The Mangochi District Hospital is an affiliated hospital to College of Medicine (COM). It is situated just south of Lake Malawi, and normally it is a 3 hrs drive north of Blantyre. It is estimated that almost 1 million people live in the Mangochi region. The region is considered to be poor, it has a low rate of highly educated people and a high number of persons living with HIV.
Mangochi District Hospital
The hospital has ca 350 beds, and the 4th year students from COM spend a month during their education here, during their education in community health. To stay a period at Mangochi is recommended for both teachers and students that visit Malawi.
A beach at Lake Malawi


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