Accommodation in Paris

By: Karin Forslund, International Student Coordinator, Education Support Office

Finding accommodation during an Erasmus exchange period in Paris can be very difficult, as there is a lack of student dorms and other kinds of accommodation. Normally, it is also quite expensive.

La Cité International Universitaire de Paris, located nearby a big park in the southern parts of central Paris, offers rooms for incoming international students at a reasonable price. There are several houses where you can apply for accommodation, and normally the house is accommodated both by students from the country of the house as well as other international students. Maison des Étudiants Suédois is one of the houses that offers accommodation to Swedish and other international students.

Both KI students and the staff at our universities recommend prospective exchange students to apply for accommodation through La Cité.

Cite Universitaire. Photo: David Bertho, CCBY2.0

Cite Universitaire. Photo: David Bertho, CCBY2.0


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