Visiting Paris

By: Karin Forslund, International Student Coordinator, Education Support Office

La tour Eiffel
Bonjour! Today my staff exchange in Paris begins! I am very excited about this trip, where I will visit our partners with whom we have exchanged so many students during the past ten years.

I work as an international coordinator for the study programme in Medicine (among other programmes). We have signed Erasmus agreements with three partner universities in Paris. My main host works at Université Paris Diderot, but I plan on also visiting our partners at Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Université Paris Descartes while being in the city.

My main reasons for applying to the staff exchange programme was to get a deeper insight into how the exchange programme is managed at our partner universities, to meet colleagues in France and I hope to inspire more French students to apply for an exchange study period at KI. I also believe I will bring back new ideas on how to work with the Erasmus programme at home. Additionally, personal meetings with colleagues at home or abroad are invaluable when it comes to collaboration.


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